D-Lemma: The Hard Truth

D-Lemma: The Hard Truth

Have you ever wondered not just WHAT a penis, but WHY a penis? What are they even good for? Prize-winning pretend-journalist Angelica Louren sets out to solve our generation’s greatest question in this eye-opening investigative film interviewing the top professionals on men’s health: women.

I wrote D-Lemma after getting fed up with common misconceptions about simple women’s anatomy. My breasts aren’t perfectly symmetrical and the size of my labia has nothing to do with how promiscuous I am. Having sex with 100 men is not going to make my vagina any different than having sex 100 times with one man. It’s not memory foam. So I thought, “What if the roles were reversed?” and sat down to write D-Lemma: The Hard Truth.

My goal for this film is that women (okay, men too) get a real laugh out of the reversal of this scenario - because we’ve all had a man in our life that thinks we can produce milk without being pregnant or believes that we pee out of our vaginas. We don’t. Still more women suffer real physical harm and neglect from actual medical professionals who hold outdated beliefs about us. It’s frustrating - but when we turn that frustration into comedy we can all have a good laugh about it. Maybe.

But I can’t make this film without your help. After all - it’s uterUS, not uterME.

-Tammy Hineline (Director)

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Tammy Hineline (Director) is a Marine Corps veteran and freelancer. She spent nine years in the USMC as a Combat Photographer/Videographer and has worked on multiple projects from small news packages to large productions featuring Medal of Honor Recipients and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Her film work has gotten awards in several competitions including the GI Film Festival, Military Videographer of the Year, and from the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation.

She is currently a full time student majoring in Integrative Studies (Legal Concentration) with a minor in Economics. However, film remains a large part of her life and D-Lemma is her first major film project since leaving the Marines in 2016. Her dream job is investigative rescue helicopter pilot economist-journalist.


Tammy Hineline


Stephanie Kline

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Stephanie Kline (Producer) is a Marine Corps veteran and policy analyst. She currently performs as a stand-up comedian in Washington D.C. and travels across the country to deliver her routine. Her material has been featured on local radio. She was lead sports reporter and co-host for the culture and sports podcast, “3 Marines,” from Lima Charlie Media and stands as a strong example for veteran-focused media and comedy.

In addition to her comedy work, Stephanie also writes short fiction. She recently participated in the 48HR Film Project for the first time and co-wrote the script for her team’s entry, “My Becca.” Her comedic stylings aren’t the only thing she brings to the table though - her savvy organizational skills are a great match for D-Lemma.



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